Fishing Pole Storage

22 03 2016

I’m preparing to build a new work bench in my garage and I need to get a few things organized. The first thing I wanted to tackle was getting all our fishing rods up and out of the way. I started with some 1×3 scraps roughly 40″ long.  I wanted two holders that would be attached across two joists underneath a garage loft.


I took two boards clamped together to get matching holes. I used a 1 ½” forstner bit in my drill press to drill 8 holes along the length. I spread the holes with a 3″ space in between each. After drilling the holes. I used my scroll saw to cut access channels from the edge of the board to the holes. I freehand cut these without putting much thought into the width of the channel which was a mistake. I didn’t pay attention to the width of the rods especially towards the reel end. I would suggest a channel that’s ⅜ – ½” in width.


To attach the rod holder to the 2×4 joists above, I used pocket holes.

If you didn’t have the scraps laying around, you could easily pick up an 8′ 1×3 for just a few bucks.

Tools used:

  • Drill press
  • 1 ½” drill bit (forstner, spade, or hole bit)
  • Saw (scroll saw, band saw, coping saw, jig saw)
  • Pocket hole jig